Who We Are.

About Us


On a Mission To Eradicate Hunger, Poverty, Fighting Insecurity and societal Challenges.

Young But Gone Far

RichLife Africa project was incorporated in 2018 by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.

Priority Needs-Minded

We intend to achieve this by identifying pressing and immediate societal needs in Nigeria.

Creative Team

We have a team of passionate and creative like-minded individuals with determination to actualize the ideals of the vision of RichLife Africa.

Our Achievements

We have achieved a lot in just a little time...

Fight against poverty60%
Feeding the hungry70%
Creating employment80%

The Bernard TRIANGLE is a (7) seven year plan that has been developed as a guide to actualize the objectives of Project Save The Hungry which is a model designed to feed millions of hungry Nigerians, provide high paying jobs and creates wealthy individuals resulting to economic growth.

As illustrated above, it represent the yearly application of resources and its resultant effect on food production and distribution, Job and wealth creation etc.
A careful study of the BernarD TRIANGLE reveals a significant growth on both employment and wealth creation with corresponding drastic reduction on hunger and poverty.

Creative Team

We are digital thinkers

Bernard Modestus

Founder & CEO Richlife Africa